Hard Chrome Replacement

Recently significant attention has been given to the replacement of chrome with WC-Co and WC-CoCr using the HVOF thermal spray systems to achieve this objective.

We have special equipment to process the removed chrome and keep the environment safe.
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HVOF Chrome Replacement
We use a JP 5000 HVOF gun that has extremely high particle speed. What this in turn means is a very dense coating (less than 1% porosity) with a bond strength of 12,000 psi, which can be applied fairly thick due to the compressive strength of the coating.

Superior To Chrome
This extremely dense coating out performs hard chrome in almost all aspects. It is superior in corrosion resistance, and it lasts up to ten times longer than hard chrome in wear resistance. What this means to you is less down time due to longer coating life.

Better For The Environment
Chrome plating has been in use since the 1940’s and is a powerful, simple and cheap process. The plating solution is very simple (chromic acid, sulfuric acid, and sometimes brighteners and other additives) and the process is quite forgiving. Unfortunately chromic acid means lots of hexavalent chrome (Cr6+), and the process is quite inefficient, with most of the current going to hydrolyze the water, producing copious amounts of hydrogen and oxygen bubbles. When they rise to the surface these bubbles burst, throwing a fine mist of hexavalent chrome into the air. To protect workers and the environment, this mist has to be sucked away in an efficient air-handling system. Note that the problem with chrome plating is the deposition process. Chrome plating itself is benign. (Source: www.Hazmat-Alternatives.com)

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