Machining And Milling

We have a top-notch FAA certified crew dedicated to perfection of machined and ground parts. We are accustom to close tolerance work ± 0.0001”. Some of the airframe components that we have repaired are; flap tracks, flap carriages, actuators, sequence carriages, carriage arms, spring beams, engine mounts are just a few and there are many more.

Hydraulic repair is how we first got started in the machining industry and then it grew into all aspects of precision machining.

We provide a wide range of machining and milling services:

  • Milling
  • Slot cutting
  • Drilling
  • Boring
  • Rebore
  • Rebush
  • Ream
  • Ream to size
  • Ream oversize
  • Oversize bushing
  • Bushing
  • Machining
  • Machine shaft
  • Milling machines
  • Machine hole
  • Machine Aircraft Parts
  • Machine to OEM Spec
  • Machine to size
  • Machine Parts
  • Machine Shop
  • Machine Hydraulic Parts
  • Machine Head Glands
  • Machine Threads
  • Remachine
  • Turn down
  • Turn to size
  • Build up and turn to size
  • Overhaul

Milling is done on a milling machine, which is a power-driven machine used for the complex shaping of metal (or possibly other materials) parts, by removing unneeded material to form the final shape. Its basic form is that of a milling cutter that rotates about the spindle axis (like a drill), and a worktable that can move in multiple directions (usually three dimensions [x,y,z axis] relative to the workpiece, whereas a drill can only move in one dimension [z axis] while cutting). The motion across the surface of the workpiece is usually accomplished by moving the table on which the workpiece is mounted, in the x and y directions. Our milling machines are operated manually and not under computer numerical control (CNC), and can perform a vast number of complex operations, such as slot cutting, planing, drilling, reaming, and threading, etc. Two common types of millers are the horizontal miller and vertical miller

Conventional Lathe:
A lathe is a machine tool which spins metal material so that when abrasive or cutting tools are applied to the workpiece, it can be shaped to produce an object which has symmetry about its axis of rotation. Turning is a machining process also, which is done on a lathe. The lathe turns the piece around as a cutting tool cuts away the desired amount of material from the work piece.

Examples of objects that can be produced on a lathe include shafts, spindles, etc. The material may be held in place by a chuck or between centers. In a metalworking lathe, metal is removed from the workpiece using a hardened cutting tool (high speed steel or carbide insert) which is fixed to a solid moveable mounting called the "toolpost", that is mounted to a carrige. The cutting tool is moved around the workpiece to get the desired shape, by using handwheels and/or computer controlled motors.

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